Apartment Apothecary Great.ly shop

I am so excited about welcoming you to my Great.ly shop today. How funny to hear myself saying I have a shop! Let me explain how Great.ly works.

It’s an online marketplace where tastemakers and makers work together – makers share their products and tastemakers (like me) curate a collection of their favourite items to make a shop. My shop has a focus on interiors and home accessories (obvs) and I have tried really hard to gather only items that I, myself, would buy so I hope that you like them too.

Here are a few things that you’ll find in the shop at the moment – I’m quite into black and white, pastel blues, greens and pinks at the moment so expect to see a lot of that. Also, there is FREE shipping this week until December 2nd so now is the perfect time to make your first purchase!

Apartment Apothecary Great.ly shop

Unique planters – which I always think are so difficult to find – and affordable vases (visit my Planters and Vases collection here). Lots of goodies for the kitchen and table to add a bit of character and colour (visit my Kitchen and Dining collection here)…

Apartment Apothecary Great.ly shop

There’s a lovely selection of cushions and blankets that you won’t see anywhere else (visit my Pillows and Throws collection here)…

Apartment Apothecary Great.ly shop

There are so many more pretty things to look at in my shop – artwork, stationery, storage and furniture. All the prices are in US dollars but they convert to pounds if you click on the product and shipping is usually no more than buying within the UK (remember it is FREE until December 2nd!). There’s a link in my sidebar that will take you straight to the shop, so keep checking back for more stock. You can also visit my shop and buy lots of lovely goodness HERE.

You never know, this may well be the perfect place for Christmas presents that you still haven’t bought!

Katy x



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