Baking sheet noticeboard

Make a magnetic noticeboard, that’s what.  This little project is so simple and inexpensive, yet really rather satisfying.

You will need:

1. A baking sheet that preferably has no lip (mine has a slight lip on one side only)

2. A piece of fabric that measures 5cm more than the baking sheet all the way around. I used Liberty’s new Pastel Woolf print from the Bloomsbury collectionI love this print as it is a clever mix of modern with a hint of the 50’s.

3. Spray glue. I used display mount.

4. Drill and four screws OR drill and ribbon.

Liberty print noticeboard

Baking sheet and fabric.

Liberty print noticeboard

Display mount spray glue.


Liberty print noticeboard

1. Spray the front of the baking sheet and the back of the material with the glue. Make sure you hold the glue about 30cm away from both surfaces and do it outside or protect your table with lots of newspaper. Leave it for 20 seconds to become tacky. The glue can get everywhere but the reason I used this type of glue is that it does not mark the fabric and it bonds so quickly, securely and smoothly.

Liberty print noticeboard

2. Smooth the fabric onto the baking sheet.

Liberty print noticeboard

3. Turn the baking sheet over and cut the corners off the material. Spray the back of the baking sheet with glue and then fold the fabric over the sides.

Liberty print noticeboard

4. Don’t worry if your corners are messy, they won’t be seen! If it’s a gift, it might be a nice idea to cut a piece of fabric to stick on the back of the baking sheet to cover the corners.

Liberty print noticeboard

5. Nearly done. Now, to think about how to hang it.

Liberty print noticeboard

6. If you want to hang it with ribbon, drill two holes at the top of the board.

Liberty print noticeboard

7. Thread the ribbon through the holes and then this could hang on a hook or nail.

Liberty print noticeboard

8. If you don’t want to use ribbon, you can just screw it straight into the wall, which is what I did.

Liberty print noticeboard

Ta da!

I made this board for my new Crafty WorkspacePlease try it for yourself and email me pictures of the finished result!




  1. Amy
    28th April 2013 / 10:31 am

    Love this. Where do you get those little magnets?

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