Behind the scenes at Out There Interiors

Jenny, and her partner Mark, are the force behind Out There Interiorsa very successful furniture company. They set the company up from scratch and it continues to grow each year. I wanted to get an insight into starting a business and what goes into sourcing furniture (I wish I could do that for a living!). Jenny explains all:

“There were two reasons for wanting my own business. The first was that five years ago I was trying to make it as an actress, and I couldn’t cope with the mindless work I had to do to make ends meet in between auditions and acting roles. I used to work in Harrods’ cosmetics department and would spend the excruciatingly long days scribbling down business ideas in the hope of escaping the misery. The second reason is that I’ve always hated having a boss. Regardless of how pleasant my superior,   I really detest having to answer to someone. Since Out There Interiors I answer only to myself, although I’m a massive slave driver so it doesn’t exactly play to my favour.”

Out there interiors retro furniture

Mid-century console table ‘Laina’

“I launched Out There Interiors completely by accident.  Whilst at Harrods I set up a small giftware company and was invited to attend a trade show by one of my suppliers. Whilst wandering around the NEC I stumbled across a mirrored chest of drawers I’d recently bought for my bedroom.   Realising there was money to be made I opened an account with the company and bought five.  The rest is history.”

Hanging factory lamp ‘Mavra’

“Purchasing for Out There Interiors is without question the best bit of the job.  I love discovering covetable home decor and filling the website with interesting, colourful things.  Many retailers focus on only one style of furniture but I didn’t want Out There Interiors to be limited in this way. My own taste is not limited. For example, my favourite furniture style is mid-century/retro, but I also love vintage French furniture and colourful contemporary stuff.   It’s a one-stop-shop.”

Out there interiors retro furniture

Fifties style dining chair “Wilma”

“We have a huge mixture of products on, from hooks and handles to huge French armoires and life-size model cows.  Some products we purchase from UK wholesalers and others we import directly from the Far East. We spend a lot of time ensuring the factories we use are treating their staff well and producing quality goods.  Far Eastern travel is a definite perk of running a furniture company.”

Bathroom cabinet ‘Kaia’

My favourite Out There Interiors picks:

Out There Interiors not only sells new and reproduction furniture but also sources genuine vintage and antique finds…

Out there interiors vintage furniture

Antique ceramic baby bath. This would make an amazing planter.

Out there interiors vintage furniture

Enamel coffee pot.

Out there interiors vintage furniture

An original 1920’s French stove.


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