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Have you entered my Loaf giveaway yet to win the gorgeous Apothecary lamp? You’ve got until March 31st to pin the image below – it is that simple. The lamp was inspired by a pile of old apothecary jars in India and I love the simple, vintage-feel of the lamp base.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account set one up here; it is such a great tool to collect inspiration (although it can get quite addictive, I warn you!). I’ve just set up a wedding inspiration pin board on my account and I am slightly worried I may lose hours, if not days, of my life.

I would like to win the @Loafdotcom #apothecarygiveaway from


To enter the giveaway:

1) Pin the image above of the Apothecary lamp onto your Pinterest account and follow @loafdotcom on Pinterest to gain one entry.

Add this description to the picture:

I would like to win the @Loafdotcom #apothecarygiveaway from

To gain more entries…

2) Upload a picture to your Pinterest account of your daily inspiration (you will gain an entry for each day of the competition that you upload a picture – competition closes on March 31st). This can be anything from places, to friends, to pets, to flowers, to books.

Add this description to your picture:

My #dailyinspiration for the @Loafdotcom and @aptapothecary #apothecarygiveaway


The theme of the giveaway is inspiration and so to gain extra entries to the competition, and increase your chances of winning, I have been asking you to upload pictures to Pinterest of what inspires you on a daily basis. I wanted to show you some of my daily inspiration images that I have pinned here, just in case you need some inspiration (that’s the seventh time I have used the word inspiration in this post so far!).

Liberty print fabric

I rummage through my fabric stash and get inspired by the fabric before I decide on a project that will best fit the print.

Vintage wallpaper and Loaf bed

I’m always inspired by vintage wallpaper; the colours, shapes, patterns, forms and I love creating craft projects with it. I framed a piece for this bedroom as it was too beautiful not to be looked at every day.

This is a postcard that I bought for my mum's birthday this week. I was inspired by the vibrant colours and graphic design.

This is a postcard that I bought for my mum’s birthday this week. I was inspired by the vibrant colours and graphic design.

Photograph by

When sunlight streams though the windows in the morning it really does inspire me to make the most of the day. This beautiful window was shot by Katharine Peachey.

My puppy Otto

Seeing this little pup’s face every morning is the most inspiring thing in the world.

Get pinning everybody!

Katy x




  1. Sophie
    21st March 2014 / 7:32 am

    I’ve pinned the lamp! It will look perfect in my living room 🙂

  2. Zoe
    21st March 2014 / 7:41 am

    Gorgeous lamp! I’m totally addicted to pinterest too and I agree you can lose hours of your time without even realising but I love it! I’m all pinned up x

  3. Claire
    21st March 2014 / 4:45 pm

    I need that lamp! Love that it was inspired by old apothecary jars too. I will pin it now.

  4. Zoe
    27th March 2014 / 11:22 am

    Hi, I’ve been doing this everyday, but have just noticed that on all except one, where I have commented “My #dailyinspiration for the @Loafdotcom and @Apartment Apothecary #apothecarygiveaway”, it has changed to”My #dailyinspiration for the @Loafdotcom and @Gilda Locicero Apothecary #apothecarygiveaway”.

    No matter how many times I delete and re-add the proper phrase, it changes back. Is this some cleverly created spam bug, or is Gilda Locicero you?

    Sad if my entries won’t count now 🙁

  5. Zoe
    27th March 2014 / 11:45 am

    Re previous comment – seem to have sorted it now. Very strange indeed though!

    • katy
      27th March 2014 / 12:48 pm

      Have no fear, Zoe!! I’ve counted your entries. I have no idea why Pinterest is changing me in to Gilda – I have no idea who she is!! I have contacted Pinterest and they think it is a bug 😉 Good luck by the way! I will draw the winner on Monday 🙂

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