Friday faves

Hmmm, struggling a bit this week to think of things that have inspired me over the last few days. I kind of think that means I need a little break from my desk; I’ve worked throughout summer without a holiday so I don’t really have that feeling of being refreshed and ready for a new season. Therefore, I think I will take next week off from the blog so that I can work at a slightly slower pace and get a few of those things on my to-do list ticked off. Hopefully, this will be enough to give me a bit of extra time to think and make plans, which is usually one of my favourite things about going on holiday – I come home with a brain full of ideas after having time to laze round with nothing to do but think.

So, I will see you in a week’s time hopefully ready and raring to go for the beginning of Autumn…

Katy x

Scandi style work space | DIY home office |Photograph by | Apartment Apothecary

Photograph by Katharine Peachey.


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