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This week has felt properly Autumnal, hasn’t it? I have felt a chill at home for the first time whilst sitting at my desk and I’ve even reached for a cosy cardigan a couple of times. I’m now looking forward to getting my home ready for the new season; making subtle changes that will help make the space feel cosier, warmer and ready for evenings at home, more cooking and darker days. I found this dreamy, creamy pink image (top left) and it has really inspired me in terms of textures, colours and tones for how I would like my home to feel this Autumn.

Now my baby bump is getting pretty big my sleep has been suffering a lot. I seem to toss and turn, not able to sleep on my front as I always have done, and I never feel like I have fallen into a deep sleep. I have also got into an annoying habit of waking completely for an hour or two most nights. A couple of nights ago I resorted to a bit of internet browsing during the wee hours and I came across the most beautiful shop in the world and I need it all! Camomile London mainly sells a wonderful mixture of textiles, blending colours and hand embroidery to perfection (image above and top right). I filled up my middle-of-the-night-cart to the value of £600 – ha!

Friday faves | Apartment Apothecary

We spent the weekend in the countryside celebrating my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday. We bought her a couple of presents (that I totally wanted to keep for myself!) including one of the exclusive cups designed and made by Jono Smart for The Future Kept and a huge carboy terrarium beautifully planted by London Terrariums, whose workshop is just down the road from where we live. I’m really looking forward to going to The Simple Shape exhibition in south east London on Saturday to hear from Jono Smart and Luke Eastop about their work. You can find details of the exhibition here.

And lastly, this week has been all about clearing out my home office in preparation for turning it into a nursery. I have had a big clear out, sold loads of stuff through an instagram sale (thanks to everyone who bought something!) and we are almost ready to begin decorating/refreshing and adding some new furniture – eek! I think this is my favourite part of the decorating process as it feels so good to streamline, sort and organise. We’ve got a few busy weekends coming up so it’s a bit frustrating not to have a decent stretch of time to get stuck in to it but that’s all part of the fun.

Hope you’ve had a good week!

Katy x



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  1. 26th September 2016 / 9:43 pm

    Beautiful colours for these Friday faves…

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