Hat wall

I’ve never created a hat wall myself simply because I’m not a ‘hat person’. However,  I’ve seen others do it to great effect and what could be easier or cheaper? Hats have an instant impact and you can bargain that by the end of a party or dinner at your house everyone will have helped themselves and have turned it into a hat party.  Before hanging hats you just need to consider what type of hats you intend to hang and in what formation.  Have a look at the following examples for inspiration.

Hats, rather than art, add to the relaxed vibe of this readng nook.

Vertical hat display

Vertical line of overlapping hats hung on a gap between two doors in a hallway.

Hat hanging on bedroom wall.

A single hat can make an impact.

Hat wall

These hats become ornaments in this hallway.

I love this simple, horizontal line of straw hats.

A hat display

An eclectic mix hung in a planned formation adds interest to a blank wall.

Hat display in hallway

Use hats to decorate a blank stairwell, hanging them in a random formation.

Hat wall display

Hats can soften hard lines or dark furniture.

Hats hung in hallway

You can hang a row of hats on hooks.

Woven straw baskets hanging on wall

Not quite hats but these baskets have the same effect.

I might need to buy myself some hats.



  1. SF
    21st February 2013 / 11:20 am

    I am doing this. Flat cap, trilby, NY Yankees cap, old fashioned cricket cap. I think I have a sombrero somewhere too but it may look out of place.

    • Claire
      22nd February 2013 / 6:53 pm

      Stunning! Off to find some hats now.

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