July: a review

What a strange month this has been: full of joy close to home but horrendous atrocities happening around the world. A confusing and scary time indeed but I’m  choosing to focus on the positives in this month’s review.

We celebrated this month as my little sister got married and had the most perfect wedding. I’ve always heard stories of how all-consuming weddings can be but I hadn’t really seen it up close and personal until my sister took on the challenge of a DIY wedding. Woah. Those stories were true and then some. I just dipped in and out when I could and I still feel like every day of July was taken up by wedding chat, work, plans, hard graft. Thankfully, everything came together on the day and it was the most amazing weather ever and everyone had such a good day (I think Otto enjoyed it most because he got free rein of a field, river and ALL the wedding food he could possibly find/steal to eat) and my sister and my new bro-in-law beamed all day, which is the most important thing.

I hope lots of you have been on holiday this month or spent as much time as possible outside – the sun and heat we had this July was AMAZING! You will never hear me complain about it now I don’t have to work in a classroom all day with thirty teenagers and no windows that open 😉 There have been beautiful summer inspired Styling the Seasons posts this month and these are a few gorgeous highlights…

The Lovely Drawer / Growing Spaces

We Made This HomeJanice Issitt (top image also from Janice’s post)

Do check out all the other posts this month on our Pinboard and the huge number of images on Instagram that you can find by searching the #StylingTheSeasons hashtag. Charlotte and I hope you all have a wonderful August!

Katy x



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