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Happy Halloween everybody! I don’t know about you but some of my fondest childhood memories are of trick or treating with my sisters and kids from our neighbourhood. We’d get all dressed up and paint our faces and traipse round the streets stuffing our faces with as many sweets as is humanly possible.

I recently bought a box of Mason Ball jars (so expect a lot of posts about what you can do with them!) and I decided to try out something I’ve seen on a lot of American blogs. I’ve added a Halloween theme, just in case any of you are having a little party – this will work for both adults and kids alike.

You will need:

Mason Ball jars – I bought mine from an American site and even with the postage it was the cheapest that I could find. Buy Mason Ball Jars here.

1/4″ Grommets – buy grommets here.

Chalk board paint and chalk – buy paint here.

Straws – I bought Halloween themed ones from Pearl and Earl.

Toy spiders – I bought them here.

Drill with a metal drill bit



Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

1. Use the drill, with a metal drill bit, to make a hole through the centre of the lid.

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

2. Increase the size of the hole to 1/4″ by using a set of pliers to gently ease through the hole, making it bigger. The lid is very thin metal so this is very easy .

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

3. Spray the lids with the chalkboard paint and leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

5. Use the pliers to help you ease the grommet around the hole in the lid. The sharp edges on the back of the lid will be covered by the grommet.

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

6. Write the names of your party-goers in chalk.

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

7. Pop a couple of the toy spiders in each cube of an ice tray and pour water over to create scary ice cubes!

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

8. Add your drink and then you can secure the lid with the outer ring (you can spray paint these too if you want to).

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

9. Pop your Halloween themed straws into each glass.

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

10. And you’re ready for your party – shame only my boyfriend and puppy are coming to mine 🙁

Mason Ball jar glass tutorial by

I can’t wait to make more of these for a summer garden party (oh for the return of those long summer days!). They’d be perfect for cocktails or pimms. Instead of spraying chalkboard paint, you could cover the lids in pretty paper or fabric.

Hope you have a good one (and more people come to your party than they did mine!) x



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