I love stripes

One of my lovely followers introduced me to the wonderful Jane Cumberbatch after I’d featured her home in the post Pale and Interesting. Since then I’ve bought a couple of her interior design books and her… View Post

Furniture makeover

I have been longing for a lovely bedside table since I moved into my flat three years ago. The problem is I just can’t find one that I like. I’m not prepared to spend money… View Post

How to plant a terrarium

I AM OBSESSED WITH TERRARIUMS. When we moved into my family home twenty years ago there was a terrarium left in the garden. At the time, I had no idea what it was and it… View Post

Lisa Stickley’s home

When I arrived and caught a peek of the house and Lisa’s beaming smile, I just knew I was in for a treat. Basically, it was my idea of heaven: a hugely talented designer, amazing… View Post

Paint effects

My next post is a very exciting one. I went to meet the designer Lisa Levis (nee Stickley) with the wonderful Katharine Peachey of Peachey Photography. We chatted design and snooped around her amazing pad and… View Post