Baking sheet noticeboard

Make a magnetic noticeboard, that’s what.  This little project is so simple and inexpensive, yet really rather satisfying. You will need: 1. A baking sheet that preferably has no lip (mine has a slight lip… View Post

Bulbs and bedding plants

What to do when your beautiful spring blooms start fading? If you have bulbs planted in pots or beds you do not need to leave them empty for the whole of summer; bedding plants are… View Post

Cotton reel holder

As promised, I am going to share a couple of tutorials this weekend for storage solutions that I featured in my Crafty workspace post. This first tutorial shows you how to make a cotton reel holder. This… View Post

Craft room

I have been very busy recently trying to transform our guest room into a work space for both me and my boyfriend. The challenge is to fit a double bed and enough space for two… View Post

Tidy desk, tidy mind

I’ve been secretly beavering away on an interior decoration project, in an effort to transform our spare room. We have been trying to create a guest room combined with a home office (for Jules) combined… View Post