Painting furniture

Paint is like magic. It can completely transform a piece of furniture quickly and easily. I have used it for years to disguise or enhance furniture, especially when trying to save money.  If you do have a collection of basic furniture that you need to use in one space, but together they make your room look and feel like a junk shop, painting them can be the answer. Paint can create a cohesive and fresh look from the most higgledy piggledy collection of furniture. Some people like to paint beautiful pieces of furniture and use different techniques to age it; this isn’t for me. I only really use paint if the furniture that I’ve got is very basic and I don’t actually like it the way it is.

At the end of the week I will show you how to paint a piece of furniture properly as I found a chest of drawers in a skip recently, which I will use to demonstrate. Today, I would like to show you how paint can be used in different ways and on different pieces to change the whole look of a room…

Painted furniture

In this room the furniture has been painted the same type of chalk paint as the walls, ceiling and doors. This creates a soft, unified look. If the table was orange pine and the stool and chair a dark wood the room would be confused and heavy.

Painted dressing table in vintage bedroom

In this pretty, vintage bedroom painted furniture fits right in with the wall colour, style and painted floorboards.

Painted furniture green cupboard

Here, they have used a bright green to make this bespoke MDF unit a design statement.

Painted furniture bedside table solution

I always come across cheap chests of drawers in antique shops and I have found two in skips. They can be a very bulky and large so it can be a good idea to paint them to tie in with the room and the wall colour so they are not too dominant.

Painted dresser

This dresser has been painted a pale pink to ensure that the light, airy feel of this room is not ruined by dark, heavy wood.

Painted dining chairs

These dining chairs have been painted to add interest to this room.

Painted kitchen shelves

This shelf unit ties in perfectly with this kitchen.

Painted dining table

The colour of this dining table makes an instant impact, which otherwise could have been quite drab.

Painted wall cupboard

Ordinary wall cupboards can be intrusive and bulky. It can be a good idea to paint them the same colour as the walls so they do not become too dominant.

Painted furniture

The cupboard, drawers and two chairs have all been painted to create a cohesive, yet eclectic look in this room. By adding one yellow chair, the mix of blues and whites is not bland.

If you do have some furniture that you think would benefit from being painted, or it would make your room feel more cohesive, check out my tutorial later on this week.



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