I love all types of crockery, porcelain and ceramics. Using beautiful plates to hang on walls means you can fully appreciate them and they can be hung anywhere in your home. Best of all, you can pick up the prettiest and cheapest of plates from charity shops, antique fairs and eBay.

Here are some ideas for hanging plates in your home.

Burleigh and Shelley plates hanging in kitchen

Collection of antique Burleigh and Shelley plates hanging on kitchen beam.  All plates were bought on ebay for between £2 and £10. eBay is a good place to get a bargain.

Combine antique and new plates for an eclectic look.

These plates make a feature out of the chimney breast.

Bold collection of plates.

Solid, coloured plates make a design statement, almost like polka dots.

Vintage plates hung in work space

Vintage plates add inspiration to this work space.

Choose plates based on their colour like this bue and white collection.

A collection of plates in all different sizes and shapes that are drawn together by similar illustrations.

Hanging plates

Hang pretty mis-matching floral plates together.

A display of plates on a kitchen wall.

Overlap plates for an interesting display.

A vertical display of plates is a good option for long slim wall spaces like this.

Hanging plates

Hang plates in a symmetrical display.

Fornasetti collection of plates

A black and white tableau of Fornasetti plates makes a bold statement.

Make your plate wall humorous, definitely a generator for conversation.


If you would like to begin your own plate collection have a look at some of these relatively inexpensive options:

Set of four art deco vintage plates

Set of four art deco tea plates. Buy online from Not On The High Street for £24.99.

Bohemian set of four plates. Buy online from Not On The High Street for £45.

Set of four vintage art deco plates. Buy online from Not On The High Street for £25.

Burleigh pottery plate

Burleigh pottery Asiatic Pheasants collection. Buy online for £5.85.

Retro plates featuring Royal festival Hall image

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain Mini Moderns has designed a range of porcelain plates featuring icons and motifs from the original Festival of Britain in 1951. A bargain at £18, I’d say.

Liberty plate

1950 Festival cake plate. Buy online from Liberty £27.50 (treat yourself!)

Natural World plates from Anthropologie

Natural World plates from Anthropologie. Buy online from Anthropologie for £16.

Artist Tom Frost’s wildlife plate set £20.

Anthropologie dinner plate

Francophile dinner plate, one of a collection from Anthropologie. Buy online for £24.


An alternative to plate wires, disc plate hangers are ideal for hanging plates and have been successfully used in England for many decades. They are easy to use and will not damage your plates. Click on the picture to buy these online for a couple of pounds.

Wire plate hanger

White wire rack allowing a plate to be mounted to the wall using an existing hook. The wire is sprung to ensure the plate is firmly gripped. Click on the picture to buy these online for less than £1.




  1. Farah
    20th February 2013 / 11:24 pm

    Inspired already! Really enjoying the Tom Frost plates.

  2. Sarah
    22nd February 2013 / 8:18 pm

    Platetastic. My partner has inherited lots of decorative plates depicting their travels around America. We have been toying with displaying them along our stairwell. I did buy her a Clarice Cliff one Christmas.

    Looking at your inspiring photos, I will get her onto this asap.

  3. Betty
    22nd February 2013 / 9:15 pm

    Love the Tom Frost plates!!

  4. 12th June 2013 / 10:18 am

    I’m loving these ideas!! Your blog is delightful xx

    • katy
      12th June 2013 / 6:11 pm

      Thank you so much! Just had a peek at yours and I am SO jealous of that amazing telephone bench! X

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