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If you’re anything like me after spending a considerable (an understatement!) amount of time at home and staring at different corners of my home day in day out, I have been making a very long mental list of things we need to finish off each room. Some things are more complex than others – I’m still longing to wallpaper the living room – but there are other more simple things that have the potential to finish off a room with relatively little effort. A good rug has the power to instantly transform a room and we definitely need one in the spare room where both Jules and I now take shifts to work. I’m always making a mental note of homewares that I see and like (I usually have a million tabs open) so here is my current mental list of potential rug options. If you are also looking for a rug but not keen on any of these click through to the different shops that I’ve linked to as you may find one there that you do like – sometimes just being led to where to buy something can be helpful.

1. Majesty Rug 2. Kaen Rug (on sale) 3. Boujad Rug 4. Zeeburg Rug (on sale)

I just love all these pinky patterned rugs. The Boujad rug from Yonder is my favourite but the Kaen is a great less expensive option.

5. Jute Kelim 6. Lua White 7. Sand Circle Rug (reduced to clear) 8. Kagu Wool Rug

I really love these neutral rugs as they all have lots of interesting texture and patterns, which lifts them above a flat plain rug. The Jute Kelim would be perfect for our spare room and it’s a less expensive option than the hugely expensive Soho Home rug that I love. If anyone doesn’t live with a massively dirty dog then snap up that beautiful Sand Circle rug as it’s reduced to clear.

9. Lucens Rug 10. Vercelli Rug 11. Merge Rug 12. Modern Teal rug

I’ve been looking at these blue based rugs as an option as they would tie in with the Inchyra Blue in our hallway. I really love the Lucens rug, which is viscose and almost shines in the light – I’ve seen it in person and it’s really rather beautiful even though shiny things aren’t usually my thing. The pink version is delicious and definitely a good way of adding an interesting texture to an otherwise quite ‘flat’ room.

Anyone else making mental lists of the things they would like to add/change/takeaway at home? I made a pledge at the beginning of the year not to buy anything for the inside of the house as we are focusing on the outside but I’m a little worried lockdown may weaken my resolve 😉

Katy x


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