Sowing the seed

Spring is springing so today my task is to sow seven different types of seeds for the roof garden: Lavender, thyme, parsley, chives, chilli peppers, green beans and lettuce (always check your seed packets for the best month to sow the seeds). This is what I learnt about sowing seeds from the lovely ladies at Capital Growth…



You will need: Seeds.

You will need: Compostable seedling pots, gloves, trowel, pencil.

Sowing seeds compost

You will need: Compost for seeds and cuttings.

Sowing seeds

You will need: Water and seed tray with lid.

Roberts radio and Lloyd Loom chair

I always need my Roberts radio for a bit of company whilst gardening.  Yes, that’s right, I am 98 years old and totally unashamed about it.


Compost in biodegradeable pots

1. I began by filling each pot with compost.

2. I pressed the soil down, but not too hard as I didn’t want the soil to be too compact.

3. I watered each pot with a small amount of water. It shouldn’t be water-logged as seeds can rot in too much water.

French bean seeds

4. The next step depends on the type of seeds to be grown. If they are tiny, like lettuce seeds, they can be almost just placed on top of the soil. If they are large seeds, like french beans, they will need a hole to put them in, which I did with a pencil.

5. The rule that I was taught during our gardening session was that you cover the seed with the amount of soil that the seed is high e.g. a french bean seed is about 1cm high so you should cover it with about 1cm of soil.

Seed trays

6. I gave each pot a bit more water so the new layer of soil is moist. I do not have any plant markers and was not prepared so I used cocktail sticks and post-it notes (not ideal). I then put them inside in the warm.

I have learnt that whilst the seeds are germinating they need to be warm (i.e. inside if possible), but they do not need to have direct sunlight until they sprout. Once they do start sprouting you will need to turn your seed trays regularly as they grow towards the sun.  I will keep you up to date on when (if at all!) the seeds germinate and when to move them outside. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…


In the mean time I have found some lovely plant markers from notonthehighstreet that you can buy if you don’t have any. But I am also going to do a post about making your own, as otherwise you can end up spending a fortune on your garden.

Blackboard plant markers

Liberty Bee slate plant markers. Click on picture to buy online for £7.

Alice Shields hand made earthenware plant markers. Buy online for £27.

Ceramic plant markers

Jo Heckett ceramic plant labels. Buy online for £6.50.

What have I learnt so far?

  1. When sowing seeds you only need to cover the seed with surprisingly little soil. A good rule is cover with as much soil as the seed is high i.e. a french bean seed is about 1cm high so you would cover it with about 1cm of soil.
  2. Don’t over water the seeds as they can rot.
  3. Put water into the bottom of the tray so that the seeds can take up as much water as they need.
  4. The seeds need to be kept inside for the heat but they do not need direct sunlight until the shoots begin to show.
  5. Once the shoots are out rotate your seed trays as they will grow towards the light.


  1. kd
    22nd February 2013 / 10:16 am

    Love it! Sustainability all the way! What are fabulous way of bringing people together!

  2. kd
    22nd February 2013 / 10:16 am

    or…what A fabulous way….

  3. Helen
    18th April 2013 / 4:59 pm

    We make seed labels using a waterproof pen and cut up pieces of margarine or butter tubs. Big yoghurt pots would work too. Free!

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