Spring clean in style

As we creep into Spring and say goodbye to Winter, although I’m not sure that we’ve had much of a winter in London as I have only felt the cold about three times, my mind turns to refreshing the house and new beginnings. At exactly this time last year I decided to completely empty my bedroom, rip up the carpet, paint the floor, paint the wardrobes and make everything feel lighter and brighter. This year I’ve taken it one step further and done the same to the kitchen and sitting room. I suppose it must be an instinctive thing to want to sort, clean and breathe life back into your surroundings after the dark and cold days of Autumn and Winter. Also, I find it’s a good way of re-centring myself if worried or upset about something.

Spring cleaning essentials | Household cleaning materials | Apartment Apothecary

Kitchen is nearly complete – just a bit of grouting to do hence the blue decorators tape. Our metro tiles are from Tile Giant, dish brush from Darley Avenue, stoneware drainer, enamel soap dish and pan brush from Labour and Wait, washing up liquid dispenser from my shop.

Obviously there won’t be a room makeover to do every Spring so instead I will get my “I need everything sorted and feeling like new” vibe from a good spring clean. I LOVE the feeling after I’ve cleaned a room from top to toe, I mean I REALLY love the feeling. However, I’m not massively keen on the process but I have found taking a bit of pride in the cleaning materials themselves helps with that.

Spring cleaning essentials | Household cleaning materials | Apartment Apothecary

Chores that I like to do to prepare for the lighter, warmer days are: clean out kitchen cupboards, defrost freezer, dust bookshelves – like actually take everything off and dust every last book, clean ceiling lights and the tops of doors, sort out stuff under the bed and clean under there (that’s a good one), clean the top of the kitchen wall cupboards (truly gross!). What do you do?

Spring cleaning essentials | Household cleaning materials | Apartment Apothecary

From left: Vintage basket from La Petite Brocante, brushes from Darley Avenue, string bag, floor cloth and dust pan from Labour and Wait, garden scissors from Tea and Kate, candles from The London Honey Company.

If you want to invest in some cleaning materials because you’re as weird as I am and like everything to be aesthetically pleasing, you can also find a good selection to buy directly through my blog…

Happy Spring cleaning!

Katy x



  1. 8th February 2016 / 12:41 pm

    Ah I bloody love a spring clean and sort out too! It’s such a feeling of accomplishment and calm afterwards knowing that everything’s ‘re-set’ and in it’s place (even if it only lasts for a few minutes!). x

  2. Sarah Ford
    10th February 2016 / 4:11 pm

    Half term next week and I have a couple of days off work – have earmarked my kitchen cabinets and am sure that I will be throwing out a lot of out of date tins, spices etc!

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