Top 10 bedside tables

I have been meaning to do this round up for ages ever since I asked on Instagram whether anyone could recommend a bedside table that was ideally made of wood and had a drawer/shelf. I was deluged by messages from people who were looking for the same thing and were desperate for recommendations themselves. I had a stool next to my bedside and Jules had a printer next to his (don’t ask!) for months and I had spent a long time looking but nothing seemed to suit other than some very expensive finds that were way out of my budget. I wanted two matching tables as our bedroom is very small so symmetry helps to make it look and feel bigger and therefore some lovely vintage finds weren’t an option.

These are the tables I found on my hunt so for those of you who are still looking I hope this helps. If you are not keen on these particular tables do use the links to go through to the shops and have a browse as sometimes it can be difficult just figuring out where to look.

  1. Solid oak vintage bedside table 2. Bedside wall shelves 3. Marble top bedside table 4. Oak and cane bedside table 5. Ercol bedside table

6. Oak and rattan table 7. Marble top table 8. Jalousie door bedside table 9. Birch and leather handle bedside table 10. Floating bedside drawer

In the end I chose these oak and cane tables from La Reroute and waited until they were 30% off so I managed not to spend too much and I really like them. It’s also the first time I’ve had a drawer in my bedside table and it’s a bit of a game changer.

Oak and cane bedside table

If you are interested in a vintage option I would definitely have chosen a Victorian pot cupboard (use that search term in eBay etc). My ideal bedside table would have been something like this…

Image via Avenue Lifestyle

Just remember to think about the height of the table you choose, especially if it’s not being sold as a bedside table or if you have a particularly low/high bed. For example, I liked this table but luckily realised it would be too low for my bed.

Hope this is helpful as a starting point – do let me know if you have found anything really nice out there that I can share!

Katy x


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