Urban jungle bloggers: plants in my kitchen

So, my kitchen is currently in a state of disrepair with tools and materials everywhere so there was no chance of me taking photos in there for this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers. However, I was desperate to join in this month as I’ve missed the last couple with the general craziness of the festive season. Luckily I have a couple of shots taken by Cathy Pyle for an upcoming home tour (more on that next week).

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Plants in kitchen | Plants in vintage pots | Apartment Apothecary | Photograph by Cathy Pyle

I love this vintage marmalade jar and thought it would be the perfect home for an easy to care for succulent. Image by Cathy Pyle.

This is a good snapshot of the plants in my kitchen, all of which are planted in vintage pots or containers. I am very excited about ripping down the wall cupboards this weekend to be replaced by open shelves (which will probably happen the weekend after that – the major problem with doing it all yourself is it takes soooo long as everything has to be done at the weekends) as I can fill them up with even more plants! I love using food related vintage containers for plants in my kitchen – you can see an old jelly mould that I made into a hanging planter for herbs here and old food cans for herbs here.


My friend Farah bought me this utensil jar from a car boot sale and I love it. I also love its succulent hair do. Image by Cathy Pyle.

Do make sure to search the #UrbanJungleBloggers hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and take a look on the Urban Jungle Bloggers website for more inspiration for adding plants to your kitchen. Also, pop over to Happy Interior Blog and Joelix to see Igor’s and Judith’s take on the theme.

I am looking forward to draping the place in plants once our DIY endeavours are done so watch this space…

Katy x



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  1. 21st January 2016 / 11:24 am

    I wanna see the crazy! I always get too excited and forget to take – before and during shots 🙂

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