Wall art for a child’s bedroom

Since making changes to Mimi’s bedroom I have been thinking about re-jigging the wall art in there and adding a couple of bits. I still remember what was on the walls in my childhood bedroom and children spend so much time looking at and absorbing their surroundings so wall art is very important. There are a few artists and makers that we have bought from before or known about for a long time but I would also like to tell you about a couple of artists that I have found more recently as I personally try to support more black-owned businesses and reflect their work here on the blog.

This is the main piece that we have in Mimi’s room that will be staying. It is by Christian Jackson and is now available from Wayfair (I had to get my copy from the US as I bought it so long ago).

I’m going to buy Mimi a ballet themed print by EmmaMakeStudio as I know she will adore it as she has really latched on to ballet and loved her lessons before lockdown started. I also love Emma’s Alphabet series, particularly the Lobster.

I have found the work of Christa David on Instagram recently and I love her collage prints. I think this would be a wonderful piece for a child’s room.

‘I will not give up’ by Christa David

I just love these very sweet prints with lots of details for children to study.

Two very local and lovely artists that I know and I’m sure you will have seen them here before are Max Made Me Do It and Lisa Stickley, both of whom do wonderful children’s prints.

And here are a few other really lovely bold prints to brighten a child’s bedroom…

If you want a larger range of prints to choose from check out King and McGaw (the Molly Brett prints kill me with their sweetness!) as well as the V&A’s children’s prints. And for something a little different have a look at the Fine Little Day selection of children’s prints.

Katy x



  1. Christian M Lecus
    21st August 2020 / 6:38 pm

    Love alot of the idea you have and am definitely going to look in to the art you suggested I’m currently changing up my bedroom and my 13 yr olds son bed room and my 7 yr old twins bedroom so that’s how came across your website love it idea thanks!! 0

  2. katy
    30th September 2020 / 1:52 pm

    Oh great! I’m so pleased it’s helpful x

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