Wallpaper – love it or hate it?

Where do you stand on wallpaper? I feel like it’s something people either love or hate. I absolutely love it and have been longing since we moved here to wallpaper all of downstairs, the hallway above the dado rail as well as the spare room. However, wallpapering is not something I would feel confident about doing myself – I’m quite a slap dash DIYer and I don’t think that would work well with expensive wallpaper. It costs a lot and it can’t be changed anywhere near as easily as paint can be. I am 100% sure that I want a beautiful bay leaf design paper from Sandberg for our living room. I ordered samples last year and I still love it and have even started making decor decisions in my living room based on the idea that I will one day have it!

Karolina Green

The Karolina paper is similar to the William Morris paper Willow Boughs that I have always loved and Brigette Romanek’s bathroom is up there as my favourite ever with this gorgeous wallpaper:

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I stopped in to my sister’s new house that is being renovated this week (see the post I wrote with the before photos and floor plan here) and she has chosen some very bold wallpapers. I particularly love these Ottoline wallpaper designs; the black and white paper is in my sister’s bedroom and the colourful pattern is in my niece’s bedroom. I can’t wait to see these rooms finished.

Elsewhere in the house a soft chalky pink with a good dose of brown has been used downstairs and that also runs upstairs into the bathroom, which creates a lovely warm ambience.

The other place my sister has chosen wallpaper is above the dado rail in the hallway, which is something I have always wanted to do in my own home. I love the idea of something dramatic to go with the Inchyra Blue on the woodwork (you can see some very early pictures of our hallway in this post, which was shortly after we moved in so it looks a bit different now). I recently discovered Mitchell Black designs and I think his Orange Grove wallpaper would be amazing in our hallway. I’ve also lusted after this print for ages:


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Anyway, just some random wallpaper rambling for you this week until the day comes when I can actually get it up on the walls!

Katy x



  1. 3rd August 2020 / 1:15 pm


  2. Evie
    5th August 2020 / 9:05 am

    I veer strongly towards serene, minimal interiors with pale colours but then I surprised myself by falling in love with two wallpapers: the heart achingly lovely Pimpernell from William Morris and the show stoppingly gorgeous Ava from Sandberg.

    I don’t know who I am anymore…

    So, yeah, if you have the right space (regrettably I don’t) wallpapers make a home.

  3. Rachel
    12th August 2020 / 12:00 pm

    Be brave and put it up on the wall! I had never wallpapered in my life before lockdown, but we recently put up Sandberg’s Raphaelle paper in the living room after over a year of deliberation and I only wish I’d done it earlier, as it turned out really well. It’s makes the room so cosy but airy at the same time, if that is even possible. Their wallpaper is paste the wall so relatively stress free for a total novice. You can do it!

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