Printing photographs to create wall art or special gifts

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I made a promise to myself a few months ago that I would start the process of filling all of our blank walls to give the house more character and to help it feel more homely. Part of that process has been about printing out precious photographs and getting them well framed to hang on the walls. I have thousands of photos on my phone – as I’m sure so many of us have – but putting them up on the wall is just so lovely. That’s why I am very pleased to collaborate with Snapbook (you can download the app here) as it takes all of the effort out of photo printing as it operates through an app so you can do it all directly through your phone – no need to download, USBs or visiting photo printing shops etc.

Katharine Peachey took some beautiful shots very shortly after Mimi was born that I have printed using the Snapbook app and framed with a large mount to make them piece of wall art.

I decided to print out some special photographs that were taken by our lovely friend Katharine when she visited us the week after Mimi was born as well as the first photo Jules took immediately after I gave birth and met Mimi for the first time. Mimi just loves looking at ‘real’ photos and the framed ones we have in her room are some of her favourite things to talk about. Snapbook offer various photo print sizes so I chose the 5×7″ and with a large mount and frame they suddenly become proper pieces of wall art with a photo that cost 25p to print! Yes, the mount and frame costs a lot more but compared to a piece of art it’s a much more affordable way to fill your walls. Also, if you are struggling to think of meaningful Christmas presents why not get a lovely photo printed and framed beautifully? I really think that is a present that most people would love.

The quality of the Snapbook prints really does justice to the these beautiful photographs.
This photo was just a lucky snap that Jules took on his (pretty rubbish) phone but by making it black and white and printing it 5×7″ it looks great. Such a precious memory of being handed Mimi for the first time after her birth.

I also printed a photo that I took for Instagram a long time ago in our old flat. I have always loved it and Snapbook offer a square 8×8″ print option – which is perfect for Instagram pics. Again, by adding a black mount and frame it has become a piece of wall art and it’s so nice to have that memory of our old flat, which represents a completely different phase of our lives, hanging in our new house.

I printed this Instagram image and made it quite big 8×8″. By using a large black mount it makes it a quite a large piece of wall art.

The other option Snapbook offer is having photos printed onto objects, which can make great personalised gifts. One of the things that I have done for Jules the last few years at Christmas is print a collection of family photographs of the year. We don’t buy gifts for each other so this is just a really nice tradition that I have started. This year instead of the prints I have made him a photobook using the Snapbook app. I was worried that this would be a very involved and lengthy process as I have never made one before but I know friends who have done them who have said they have taken forever. However, Snapbook offer an ‘autofill’ option or a ‘customise your own’ option. I chose autofill so I had made an album on my phone of all the pictures that I wanted to include, I selected them and then Snapbook fills up your photobook with the photos – as easy as that! I decided to swap a few around just because some are more special than others and I wanted them to be placed more prominently but it really was very easy. I was able to do the whole thing on my phone whilst sitting on the sofa one evening. The quality of the printing is great ad it’s a really sweet book of memories.

I started a tradition a few years ago of giving Jules a collection of printed photographs of special memories of the previous year and so I thought using Snapbook’s photobook option this year would be perfect for him.
None of the photos are anything more than quick phone snaps – it’s not curated in any special way. Just a really nice collection of the everyday happy memories.
I used the ‘autofill’ option for the photo book so it was very quick and easy to use.

The other thing I have decided to do this Christmas, instead of giving out token gifts that are so often a waste of money, packaging and resources is to include a couple of lovely photo prints into Christmas cards. The photos are special memories that we’ve made with the friend/family this year and I think that’s a much nicer thing to receive than a novelty gift.

I hope this has given you some ideas for getting those photos off your phones! Download the Snapbook app from Apple Store or Google Play and have a go to see how easy it is for yourselves. Get 20% off everything using code: APARTMENT APOTHECARY

Katy x


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