Kilim flat weave rugs

Since selling the ottoman in my sitting room a lot more of the rug has been on show and I have been deluged with questions about it. Very sadly the gorgeous company who made it, The House Of Rym, has since closed down so the rug is no longer available. I spotted it on their website quite some time before we moved in to our house but at £700 it was out of my budget. I had the tab open on my phone for weeks and then one day I checked it again and the rug was in the sale at £190. I have never ever bought anything so quickly! I based the decor of the whole living space around the rug and I still absolutely adore it.

Rise and Shine rug designed and made by The House of Rym
A flat weave kilim style rug

The rug is made of wool and a kilim style flat weave so it feels quite different to a lot of wool rugs or carpets as there is no pile. It is soft but not spongey or shaggy. This type of kilim rug is quite unique when compared to other patterned rugs as they actually act as a neutral; it is possible to layer pattern upon pattern with a kilim as the base. The geometric patterns are timeless and as can be seen in these homes they will fit in with many different styles of interiors…

Image via @ournewstorey
Image via @annacate
Image via Living Etc

It is impossible to find anything the same as the rug that I have – trust me, I have looked endlessly – but I would like to share my pick of similar style rugs and I hope that may help those people that have asked me about mine.

Vintage Scandinavian flat weave rugs

These Scandinavian rugs are probably most similar to my rug, which is a Swedish design. They are all vintage rugs from Vinterior and there are other rugs in their Scandinavian rugs category if you like these:

Kilim Afghans

Hand woven using traditional techniques, these flat weave wool rugs are beautiful and all one off unique pieces. There are hundreds available from Nain Trading so check out their Kilim Afghan rugs category. I have just bought a ‘modern kilim’ from them for our office so I will show it to you when it arrives.

ebay one offs

You’d better be quick if you like the look of any of these are they are all Buy It Now sales…

Modern kilims

And just a couple of mass produced kilim style rugs that are quite tricky to find…

Some advice when buying one off rugs

When choosing a one off rug there are a few things you need to check and consider. Firstly, the size of one off rugs varies hugely and there are no standard sizes like you get on the high street. Do make sure to check the exact measurements very carefully and don’t be fooled by images of the rugs that can make teeny weeny mats look like large area rugs. Some ebay sites in particular superimpose rugs into room images and scale them up to make them look a lot bigger than they actually are. Also be mindful to check what the rugs are made of; wool rugs will generally be more substantial, thicker and heavier than cotton rugs. If you want a rug that won’t wrinkle or for a heavy traffic area you will want a relatively thick rug. You will also need to bear in mind the cost of underlay for any rug you buy. I have always found that kilim rugs are amazingly good at disguising marks and stains and they wear so well too. Our sitting room rug looks as good as when we bought it two years ago despite living with a very large dog and young child.

I hope that helps! If you are looking and don’t see something you like here do make sure to click through to the different sellers as they have lots more to offer.

Katy x

DIY lamp makeover

One of the great things about the street that I live on is that we have a Whatsapp group so we can communicate with one another really easily. One of the things that we use the group for is to post any household items that we want to get rid of and more often than not there will be someone who needs whatever it is that is being given away. When one of my neighbours asked if anyone wanted an old M&S lamp I said yes as we desperately needed one in our bedroom at the time. Even though it wasn’t nice to look at I knew with a different shade and a change of colour on the base it would be as good as new.

A salvaged lamp that was being given away by a neighbour.

The shade was cracked and marked and the frame was wonky so there wasn’t much I could do with it. However, with a few pounds or with paint I already had I could see that the pretty shaped base could be transformed. The base is ceramic so I gave it a good clean and taped off the candle part and used an all surface spray paint and it couldn’t have been easier to get a good finish. I actually found the spray paint I used by chance at my local DIY store. It was the only colour they had and it was reduced to £3 (these cans are normally £5-11 in big DIY stores) so I decided to just give it a go!

I used Painters Touch gloss spray paint.

It’s definitely not my first choice of colour normally but I actually really like how understated it is and it works well with the other colours in my home. These sprays are quick drying and intended for use on wood, metal and ceramics. This paint provides a gloss finish.

Tape off any parts of the lamp you don’t want to paint.

Originally I decided to tape off the candle part of the base so I used decorators tape to cover anything I wanted to protect from the paint.

Spray the base outside and do thin coats with lots of drying time between coats.

I find it easy to use spray paints outside and I did three very thin coats and left a decent amount of drying time between each coat (a minimum of an hour). Once I removed the tape I could see that it would look better to paint the candle part of the base too so that’s what I did. And this is the finished lamp with a brand new shade…

The finished lamp with new knife pleated paper lampshade from The Lampshade Loft.

I decided to spend a bit of money on a really lovely shade as I’d only spent £3 on the base. This has been a really good way of ending up with a lamp that would have cost a lot if I bought it new, plus I have prevented the waste of an old lamp and supported a small business from whom I bought the new lampshade. Win, win!

There are some very beautiful unique lampshades available at Rosi de Ruig and Matilda Goad but if you are looking for something similar but much more affordable do try LeKrazyHorse, Pooky, Munro and Kerr, The Lampshade Loft and Compton Marbling. I’m very excited about all the knife pleated lampshades coming back on trend – I so remember having one in my room in the 80s that coordinated with the curtains, duvet cover and frieze!

Katy x

Sebra Kili junior bed review

Since writing my last Sebra Kili cot review we converted it to a junior bed when Mimi turned 2.5 years old. I want to give you a clear review of the cot in this new configuration, as I promised I would in my first review, because it’s the longevity of the cot that justifies its high cost.

I felt very nervous about converting the cot into a bed as Mimi is such a good sleeper so I was worried changing her bed would totally disrupt this. I forecast lots of running around her bedroom, roaming the halls in the middle of the night and rolling out onto the floor! I put the move off a little too long if I’m honest as Mimi was too big for the cot by the time she was 2.5 years so I had to take the plunge.

The cot was super easy to convert and I just had to add an extra chunk of mattress that is sold separately at the bottom. The cot lengthens but it doesn’t get any wider. The very clever design means that the mattress is sunk down by about 10cm so that rolling out of the bed is almost impossible. In the 18 months that she’s slept in it she has never fallen out.

I wasn’t able to find a sheet to fit this mattress size so I use a single one tucked in around the sides and that is fine. Mimi is quite a wriggly sleeper so a toddler sized duvet that fits in this junior bed was no good as it just got kicked to the bottom so I also gave her a single duvet in the hope that that would provide more coverage.

Mimi was super excited about sleeping in the bed for the first time and she had a really great first night. The bed is very cocooning and comfy and I needn’t have worried about the transition disrupting Mimi’s sleep.

As you can see there is lots of space in the bed for the toddler and lots of length for growth. However, the big downside for us was that we couldn’t sit or lie in the bed mainly because of the 10cm lip around the bed. We don’t stay with Mimi whilst she gets to sleep but I can see how this would be a huge downside for some parents. For us, we just had to organise to have a chair next to the bed to read bedtime stories.

The only other potential downside is that the bed is relatively high. Mimi never really had a problem getting in and out, especially as she got taller, but for some less physical children it may be a stumbling block. My nephew, for example, fell out of the bed trying to climb out.

Mimi is about to turn four and we could easily have kept the junior bed as is for another couple of years but we’ve made the decision to pass it on to my niece. This decision was mainly prompted by the fact that we need to create a dedicated office so we need a home for the single bed that was in that room. It made sense to put it into Mimi’s room and I have to say it is a welcome change being able to snuggle in bed with her now, which I was never able to do with the junior bed. But saying that it really did make the transition to a bed so, so easy and I was heart broken saying goodbye to the cot as it’s been such a big piece of the baby and toddler years and we’ve loved it at every stage.

If you do have any other specific questions please do ask me below!

Katy x

DIY faux Crittall doors inside your home

Crittall doors are everywhere at the moment. They are a beautiful alternative to bi-folds to lead out onto a garden as not only do they allow light and views in to a room they also add architectural and design interest, which bi-folds can lack. However, and this is a big drawback, Crittall is mega expensive – for most of us there is just no chance!

These green Crittall garden doors are DREAMY! Image via deVOL
Image via deVOL

The good news is that there is a way of creating the look and feel of Crittall without spending a fortune. Replacing any type of external door costs a lot so what you can try is to make internal doors look like Crittall.

If you are super lucky you may well already have glazed internal doors like these beauties and just by painting the timber a dark colour you can easily create a Crittall look…

I just love this room and all of Sarah Brown’s work. Image via Sarah Brown Interiors
Gorgeous, gorgeous period feature that looks so much more dramatic and striking in a dark blue. Image via Living Etc

If you are installing standard sized internal doors you can choose a glazed option and paint them off black for a Crittall feel. This will look great and also have the massive added benefit of allowing light to flow through from one room to another. These doors do not have to be expensive at all but will have a big impact on a room…

And if you have an existing glazed door but it is dated and as far from Crittall as you can get you can do an easy DIY job like Becca has done. What a brilliant difference!

If your DIY skills are more advanced you can even create faux Crittall internal doors like Frances is currently doing in her home. I think these will look fab!

Image via @100yearsinthemaking Instagram

What do you think? It’s definitely worth considering if you are making changes or renovating at home, especially if you have any dark spaces or rooms that need some borrowed light.

Katy x

Stylish Built-In Wardrobe Ideas

This isn’t a long or detailed post but rather a few images that have really inspired me the last few weeks and spurred me on to take the leap and make a big outlay on buying wardrobes for our bedroom. I will write in a lot more detail about the process of choosing and fitting the IKEA PAX wardrobe system, which is what we’ve gone for, as so many of you sent me messages when I showed what we were up to on Instagram stories the other day. The messages made it very clear that a lot of you are desperate for a lot of PAX chat and I’m pretty sure that’s because there actually isn’t a huge amount of detail about the system online, especially the hack process we want to attempt. That will all come, I promise!

In the meantime, these wardrobes really stood out to me and made me think I could make a large bank of wardrobes work in our small bedroom. I’ve been very hesitant until now to commit to wardrobes because our room is so small (3.1 x 2.9 metres). I was worried about filling the alcoves as any feeling of space and airiness we have is because those spaces are quite empty. I was also hesitant about buying free standing wardrobes as I would want antique ones and generally speaking they just don’t make the most of the space and we are desperate for storage. Therefore, I have been leaning towards floor to ceiling bespoke wardrobes, which we can’t afford (the average quote was £2800), and trying to make them tie in with the decor in our bedroom as much as possible so that they enhance the room rather than swamping it. These are two brilliant examples of that…

Image via Living Etc

I absolutely LOVE the bedroom above. Every single bit of it. The chair, the kilim, the muted colours, the texture of the baskets on display. In terms of the wardrobes they are so simple but very stylish and they enhance the room without detracting from it. The fact that they continue the wall colour helps to make them less dominant. I also love the handles (I’m on the hunt for some lovely ones).

Image via Suzy Hoodless

Suzy’s bedroom above is gorgeous! I love the soft colour palette and cosy textures. Similar to the other bedroom, the wardrobes are also painted in the same wall colour with grooved door panels. I would love to recreate this look BUT we have to work with a PAX door panel as there’s no way we have the capacity to buy and make 2.5m high wardrobe doors ourselves! The PAX doors are laminate and it remains to be seen what I will do with them to customise them to fit with my bedroom.

The only definite in terms of our wardrobe doors is that I will paint them. Our bedroom walls are School House White and even though I love the wardrobes that are painted in the same colour as the walls I’m drawn to using a slightly darker shade. I have used Shaded White in our spare room so I have the paint and I think I’m going to use that for the wardrobes as well as the skirting and bedroom door as I’ve been meaning to do that since last year when I painted the walls!

Image via Kerry Lockwood

Kerry has used the same colour combination in her bedroom of School House White and Shaded White on the woodwork and I think that will work really well in my room. I’ve been saying that I need to change my bedroom door from Brilliant White to Shaded White for a year so hopefully fitting the wardrobes will push me to get the job done.

Lots more PAX chat to come soon!

Katy x